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It's another Links on a topic post!

I'm using ths post to collect folk tales or stories which are suitable to be adjusted for use as Kul-Tha mythology for the Shards LARP system. The comments will set the stories in that context (a completely fictional religion). I'll probably add more stories to this in future.

From Siberia: Ankakumikaityn the Nomad Wolf tells why the fox is red, and of his trickster nature.

From Native America: How Coyote Stole Fire tells... how Coyote stole fire. Needs some tweaks to work for us, but is generally very appropriate.

From Africa: The Eagle and the Tortoise is about hospitality and pride.

From the Ojibway Americans: Forsaken Brother can be used as a cautionary tale, but also as an indication of how the Spirits come close to those in need.

From Native America: How Bear Lost His Tail - it was all Fox's fault.

From the Comanche nation: Skunk Outwits Coyote - Coyote isn't always the most cunning of creatures.


Thursday, 14 July 2005 06:21 pm
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(This is another in my series of Links On A Topic posts: others are Tunnel Books, Medieval Costume, and Songs I like.)

For Shards, I have been talking about making a thing to put latex swords on, off the ground - otherwise they get left standing in corners on their points (very bad) or on the ground getting trodden on. From my Guiding days I remembered making things at camp out of sticks and string, and since I like string very much indeed I decided it would be good to track down information and instructions on such things. Here, therefore, is a handy collection of 'camp gadgets' you can make with rope, sticks, string and so on. Some are more useful and more practical than others. None of them, sadly, is a weapon rack, but it's easy to adapt the principles to such purposes, and I have a couple of ideas to try out.

The activity is called, in Scouting/Guiding, 'Pioneering' (and you can do merit badges in it); the name for a knot tying two or more spars together is a 'lashing'. I have bought a large quantity of very cheap, very rough brown string, which we can use to make things with. Robert and I also have decent rope, and a book on knots which I'll bring.

As many of the pages use the same set of drawings of camp gadgets I will link to the images rather than to lists which may repeat each other. I'm including various things which may seem totally bizarre, but the principles on which they are constructed may well prove helpful.

Wikipedia overview of pioneering, with some handy links on knots
The three basic pioneering structures
A page with excellent lashing diagrams
Fire Bucket holders
Lantern tripod
Tool rack
Bowl stand, clothes line, filter bin, and more
Washbasin stand
Ladders, and a travois to be used as a stretcher
Really sensible things to do with bin-bags
Catapult! (There *must* be a use for this at Shards!)
Knots and lashings
Lots of PDFs on knots, whipping, and pioneering topics

Book arts

Tuesday, 12 July 2005 11:28 am
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I need to make a book for LARP purposes, and while scouting around the net for help I came across various bits of info on different sorts of artists' books (books as art rather than text/only text). I got particularly interested in 'tunnel books', as I had some when I was little that I loved (but can't remember what they were now). I will probably try making one using Chinese papercut techniques. Links for my reference below:

The Owl And The Pussycat
Set of children's tunnel books
Miniature tunnel books (and others)
View of a tunnel book showing construction
Tunnel Map
Useful illustrated article on tunnel books

Notes to self: costume

Tuesday, 5 July 2005 09:22 pm
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Bladelands is set in a specific time-period and location, unlike Shards which is much more go-as-you-please fantasy. So I need to make new costume (I would anyway) which is appropriate to the setting. This means at least semi-authentic medieval European (specifically French). I'm using this post to collect some links to relevant information online.

Links cut to save friends pages. )
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A list of links to lyrics which I will probably add to my songbook in the near future. Do ask me if you would like to learn one of these. Some of the websites to which I link make audio files of the tunes available, or images of the score/melody.

Westering Home
Raglan Road
All Around My Hat
All Around My Hat again, with more verses
Mairi's Wedding
À la claire fontaine
Sally Gardens
Homeward Bound
Fields of Athenry
She Moved Through The Fair
All My Loving
Chastity Belt
What Shall We Do When We Leave The Navy?
I'll Tell My Ma
Lady Gay (I need to check other versions of this.)
Minstrel Boy (with the third verse)
Twa Corbies
Come Landlord Fill (and another, and another.)
Cuckoo's Nest
I Wonder What Is Keeping My True Love Tonight (Green Grass It Grows Bonny)
Mantle Of Green (and an older version, and another.)
Scarborough Fair (fairly comprehensive version)
The Orphans' Wedding
Likes Likker Better Than Me
Little Green Buttons
The Concealed Maiden
Menstruation (friends-locked)
Don't It Make My Brown Eyes Blue
The Girl wirh April in her Eyes
My Grandfather's Clock
Streets of London
And So It Goes
Shame and Scandal
Days Like These (Janis Ian)

That'll do for now. I'll probably update this with more links as I find versions I want to use.

Things I Read Often

Tuesday, 9 March 2004 09:24 pm
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I have a folder in my browser bookmarks labelled 'Things I Read Often'. It's a strange collection of links, which I thought people might like to see.

Mainichi Daily News: WaiWai
Racy news stories from Japan, in English.

London.crafts wiki
Crafty doings by geeky people.

Scott's Game WISH responses
An interesting way of considering aspects of roleplay gaming.

Ship Of Fools
I can't quite describe SoF. 'The Magazine of Christian Unrest' is how they describe themselves.

Savage Love archive
Less work-safe than a Really Not Work-Safe Thing, Dan Savage is fairly entertaining.

Why Your Wife Won't Have Sex With You
Blog concerning sexual incompatibilities; great when it's being regularly updated, because it's so interesting and well-written.

Bad Baby Names: Letter of the Week of the Day
Real live people called 'Trivial' and 'Zaneithan'.

The Hunger Site

Shenzhen Zen
Guy goes to China to work on a newspaper and survives innumerable weirdnesses.

Fans of my journal, past and present
Because I have an ego, okay? just don't look at how often i check it, okay?

Iraq & a Hard Place
Infrequently updated blog about Iraq - archived entries definitely worth reading.

Just because.


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