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Wednesday, 31 January 2007 06:21 pm
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Here, have a handout on a Renaissance printer I wrote for my Typography class a few weeks ago. It went with a presentation, but this is the coherent version. The body of it is 1000 words, but the additional bits increase that a lot. Aldus Manutius, Master-Printer of Venice )
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My most recent essay, for a module entitled 'The History of Graphic Communication'. This is in auto-HTML so apologies if it sucks. Highlighted words are my own reminders of the document outline - essentially section headings. Questions welcome.

Choose one contemporary printed document and discuss how it might have been produced in the fifteenth century. )


Monday, 4 December 2006 06:20 pm
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From John R Biggs, An Approach to Type, p 52

"It could be argued that in English, at any rate, we should be better off without the letter C, and though it would look odd to see the word Kake it would at least be directly related to the sound in speech."

First thought: but Kake doesn't look odd at all!

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Am trying to understand image resolution in Photoshop.

I am producing a book cover at a specific print size - 18.1 cm x 11.1 cm. The resolution should be 300dpi if at all possible, with an absolute minimum of 150dpi.

I have created a canvas in Photoshop with the right cm dimensions and resolution, and I have pasted my photo into it. The photo fits, which is fine, but really I want to resize the photo to focus on a section of it. If I select an area and make it bigger won't I make it look pixellated when it prints?

Can anyone help me get my head round this?
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I am, as you may know, producing a book cover for my Typography class. It is an erotic work written in the 1940s, but not published till the late 60s.

I am considering the vexed question of what typeface to use for the cover lettering. I cannot find any images of erotic book covers published in the period. (This may be because there were none.) I am even having trouble tracking down any typefaces definitely used in the forties, or any book covers definitely produced then. Can anyone give me any hints?

Edit: Tijuana Bibles were produced in the period but are comic format, not books proper, and as such have a very different typographical style.

Aha! The 1934 cover image for Miller's explicit 'Tropic of Cancer'! (work-safe). Although it seems he hated the cover.


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