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I want to make a draught excluder for my front door. I could just make a sausage thing, but it would get in the way when the door was opened. I need something I can actually attach to the door itself. Anyone got any ideas how I could do this?

Monday, 12 September 2005 04:52 pm
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I have been productive today! 90% of our books are now on shelves or on the big rack, as opposed to being in heaps on the floor! I have rescued a quantity of my craft/sewing books from the rack shelf that I can't see, and have put them on my own shelves with the other such books. I have made a big box for Robert's Doctor Who books. I have also identified and imported to iTunes a batch of old mix CDs, and an Elton John Best Of double album :)

In an hour I will be off to Brownies, where I am intending to be a volunteer helper. I am nervous. Before then I have to call a job agency, write a couple of postcards, take a painkiller and change my clothes. Wheeeee!
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... or, in English, the house is my bitch.

I have got up at a reasonable time this morning (9ish), found clean clothes that I like (the ankle-length thigh-slit satin skirt isn't practical but it is lovely), and Done Useful Things. I have made a list of things I need to get done, and begun doing them. Top of the list was sorting out clothes-drying facilities, as the dryer-bit of our washer-dryer is broken (and will get fixed sometime next week when we can afford it). So I found the hooks left over from putting the blind up, and the nails, and the hammer, and installed a hook at each end of the bath, and found the string, and now we have a mini-washing line which can be unhooked as required. I have also put the concertina-clothes-horse on *top* of the washer-dryer, which is currently pulled out of its space, and so the entire load of clothes is happily drying away - and I have blocked the bathroom door so the cat cannot get in and fluff all over them.

I have made myself delicious lunch - a potato, tuna, spring onion and butter-bean salad with pepper and a little reduced-fat mayonnaise - and after lunch I will get to work clearing my sewing table and make a start on Robert's patched coat.

House hurrah!

Sunday, 17 July 2005 11:36 pm
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Today has been as good as yesterday! I had a slow start, and woke up feeling very floppy and groggy and generally headachy. I therefore wimped out of meeting The Girls for moose and juffins, and instead spodded online for a while. Criossants and ham brought restored vigour and vitality, and I embarked upon the task Robert had spent the previous day enabling - he spent yesterday moving my bookshelf (my very own lovely bookshelf which has been marooned in the yucky dining room for two years!) into the back room upstairs, into the space vacated by the small bookshelf (which is now in the bedroom on top of a chest of drawers)! He'd cleaned it and everything, and put all the books in boxes for me :) I was very happy indeed when I came in last night.

So I got to organise my books! I have almost two shelves of theology/church history/religious-topics books, which makes me feel like I have a brain, and I have my nice copies of Austen all together, and all my Trollope in one place, and all the plays and poetry together on the bottom shelf. It's lovely and wonderful and I'm very pleased. Some of the spare books are now stacked neatly in a box.

Then later I was even more useful. As Robert had moved the bookcase the dining-room was quite a bit less awful than it had been (he'd also thrown out lots of stuff), and so I could get into it and extract all my fabric which has been lying around getting covered in fluff and hair and dirt and yuck. It's in five boes total now; one box of clean fabric (stuff which was put in there when it was brand new), one box of dirty fabric which can be used for peasant costumes, one box of dirty fabric which cannot be used for peasant costumes, and two buckets of scraps divided on the same principle. It's all neat and out of the way! It's great!

Must eat tasty crispbake, going cold.


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