Thursday, 12 October 2006 06:24 pm
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I went shopping again this afternoon, and managed to buy the cloth and beads I needed for roleplaying this weekend. However, the other day I noticed a very nice brown suede-look top with a lace-up front on a mannequin in a town-centre charity shop. "Aha!", I thought, "perfect for wearing over blouses for my Rat character!".

I went in today. They still had it, and it's a size 14, which is ok, and it was a good price, so I bought it. I've got it home and tried it on - and I love it! It's gorgeous! It's got a little fold-over collar, and long sleeves which widen towards the wrists, and it's soft and strokeable and lovely!

The problem is, if I'm going to use it for LRP I'm going to want to chop off the collar and probably the sleeves, so I can wear big puffy muslin shirts underneath. And I can't bring myself to do it! I can't! It's too nice!

So I am up one lovely everyday top, and minus one roleplay costume. This is a bit awkward, as I really need something else for the ratgirl that isn't also part of my tribal-healer outfit. Bah! Not sure what to do. :/

RP meme!

Tuesday, 3 October 2006 06:58 pm
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1. Cally, scatty Satyr (End of Days)
2. Poppy, valiant fast-talking ex-barmaid (White City)
3. Rowan Mayberry, Boggan seamstress extraordinaire (Cam Changeling)
4. Clare Stannard, reluctant Chorister, Knight of Forces (Cam Mage)
5. Helen Harding, RS teacher by day, fetish diva by night (Cam C/A)
6. Ivy, farmgirl blessed by a dead goddess (Earthdawn)
7. Emerald Sheldon, femme fatale (Feng Shui)
8. Talihina of the Ghosts, tribal nazi (Shards)
9. Alice Le Tallac, bard and snoop (Bladelands)
10. Elodie LeBrun, typical Toreador (Cam C/A)
11. Tag, Ventrue geek-ghoul (Cam C/A)
12. Sorrel Sparrow, insatiably curious proprietress of Whimsical Wardrobe (Patchwork Universe)

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Monday, 15 August 2005 09:05 pm
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*splat* I have got going on a stag mask for Barry to wear at Shards (probably for no more than twenty minutes, but then we all already know I'm insane). I am concerned that it is going to be totally the wrong shape as it currently looks more like a pig in profile than anything remotely deer-like. I will ask Robert when he comes in from band practice. I have only done one round of pasting (it's drying) so I can always rip it up and start again. The base shape is a heart-shaped balloon not fully inflated, with a small plastic box and a smaller round cardboard box stuck on the front, all covered in clingfilm.

Bah, anyway, I have also written some final verses for the Everybody Song (I have taken to calling it that because Robert thought the previous working title, 'On Top Of Old Dannika' was too rude). I have done Josiah and Kiona, so that's the full roster as far as I'm aware, and a verse or three to finish up. I'm not posting them yet because I want Heather's opinion first - I have several options for each person and I need to work out which makes most sense.

I am really tired. I think I've actually been doing quite a lot today, despite most of it involving sitting on the sofa with a laptop. I wonder what I can do in the hour I have before bedtime? I could make more food, I suppose. Can I be bothered to have a stir-fry, or shall I have more delicious ham sandwiches with pesto instead of butter? The latter, I think. I could do some laundry, too. What an exciting life I lead!
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It's another Links on a topic post!

I'm using ths post to collect folk tales or stories which are suitable to be adjusted for use as Kul-Tha mythology for the Shards LARP system. The comments will set the stories in that context (a completely fictional religion). I'll probably add more stories to this in future.

From Siberia: Ankakumikaityn the Nomad Wolf tells why the fox is red, and of his trickster nature.

From Native America: How Coyote Stole Fire tells... how Coyote stole fire. Needs some tweaks to work for us, but is generally very appropriate.

From Africa: The Eagle and the Tortoise is about hospitality and pride.

From the Ojibway Americans: Forsaken Brother can be used as a cautionary tale, but also as an indication of how the Spirits come close to those in need.

From Native America: How Bear Lost His Tail - it was all Fox's fault.

From the Comanche nation: Skunk Outwits Coyote - Coyote isn't always the most cunning of creatures.

Weekend update

Sunday, 17 July 2005 11:45 am
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Yesterday was good! [ profile] purpleheather and I went over to [ profile] aardnebby's mother's house, to use her conservatory floor to paint things on. We got 2.3 banners and 1 curtain painted, so I have .6 banner and 1 curtain to deal with and Heather's got a coverlet to sew. The banners are faaaaantastic; Heather has photos so hopefully they'll be online sometime soonish (or I'll see if I can take some with Robert's camera!) Heather did a marvellous Balance symbol banner, and we both worked on the designs for the animal totem banner, which I then drew. It actually all looks very good indeed :) Heather and Steve painted their hands and did a healing-hand-and-moons design for one curtain; I stencilled a phoenix on the third banner. I have to complete that, do another one and two moons, and paint 'Kul-Tha Rangers' in the middle.

We were meanwhile fantastically fed by Steve's mum, and then went on to Rikk's housewarming, which was most enjoyable :)


Thursday, 14 July 2005 06:21 pm
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(This is another in my series of Links On A Topic posts: others are Tunnel Books, Medieval Costume, and Songs I like.)

For Shards, I have been talking about making a thing to put latex swords on, off the ground - otherwise they get left standing in corners on their points (very bad) or on the ground getting trodden on. From my Guiding days I remembered making things at camp out of sticks and string, and since I like string very much indeed I decided it would be good to track down information and instructions on such things. Here, therefore, is a handy collection of 'camp gadgets' you can make with rope, sticks, string and so on. Some are more useful and more practical than others. None of them, sadly, is a weapon rack, but it's easy to adapt the principles to such purposes, and I have a couple of ideas to try out.

The activity is called, in Scouting/Guiding, 'Pioneering' (and you can do merit badges in it); the name for a knot tying two or more spars together is a 'lashing'. I have bought a large quantity of very cheap, very rough brown string, which we can use to make things with. Robert and I also have decent rope, and a book on knots which I'll bring.

As many of the pages use the same set of drawings of camp gadgets I will link to the images rather than to lists which may repeat each other. I'm including various things which may seem totally bizarre, but the principles on which they are constructed may well prove helpful.

Wikipedia overview of pioneering, with some handy links on knots
The three basic pioneering structures
A page with excellent lashing diagrams
Fire Bucket holders
Lantern tripod
Tool rack
Bowl stand, clothes line, filter bin, and more
Washbasin stand
Ladders, and a travois to be used as a stretcher
Really sensible things to do with bin-bags
Catapult! (There *must* be a use for this at Shards!)
Knots and lashings
Lots of PDFs on knots, whipping, and pioneering topics

Notes to self: costume

Tuesday, 5 July 2005 09:22 pm
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Bladelands is set in a specific time-period and location, unlike Shards which is much more go-as-you-please fantasy. So I need to make new costume (I would anyway) which is appropriate to the setting. This means at least semi-authentic medieval European (specifically French). I'm using this post to collect some links to relevant information online.

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