Thursday, 12 October 2006 06:24 pm
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I went shopping again this afternoon, and managed to buy the cloth and beads I needed for roleplaying this weekend. However, the other day I noticed a very nice brown suede-look top with a lace-up front on a mannequin in a town-centre charity shop. "Aha!", I thought, "perfect for wearing over blouses for my Rat character!".

I went in today. They still had it, and it's a size 14, which is ok, and it was a good price, so I bought it. I've got it home and tried it on - and I love it! It's gorgeous! It's got a little fold-over collar, and long sleeves which widen towards the wrists, and it's soft and strokeable and lovely!

The problem is, if I'm going to use it for LRP I'm going to want to chop off the collar and probably the sleeves, so I can wear big puffy muslin shirts underneath. And I can't bring myself to do it! I can't! It's too nice!

So I am up one lovely everyday top, and minus one roleplay costume. This is a bit awkward, as I really need something else for the ratgirl that isn't also part of my tribal-healer outfit. Bah! Not sure what to do. :/

Monday, 15 August 2005 09:05 pm
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*splat* I have got going on a stag mask for Barry to wear at Shards (probably for no more than twenty minutes, but then we all already know I'm insane). I am concerned that it is going to be totally the wrong shape as it currently looks more like a pig in profile than anything remotely deer-like. I will ask Robert when he comes in from band practice. I have only done one round of pasting (it's drying) so I can always rip it up and start again. The base shape is a heart-shaped balloon not fully inflated, with a small plastic box and a smaller round cardboard box stuck on the front, all covered in clingfilm.

Bah, anyway, I have also written some final verses for the Everybody Song (I have taken to calling it that because Robert thought the previous working title, 'On Top Of Old Dannika' was too rude). I have done Josiah and Kiona, so that's the full roster as far as I'm aware, and a verse or three to finish up. I'm not posting them yet because I want Heather's opinion first - I have several options for each person and I need to work out which makes most sense.

I am really tired. I think I've actually been doing quite a lot today, despite most of it involving sitting on the sofa with a laptop. I wonder what I can do in the hour I have before bedtime? I could make more food, I suppose. Can I be bothered to have a stir-fry, or shall I have more delicious ham sandwiches with pesto instead of butter? The latter, I think. I could do some laundry, too. What an exciting life I lead!

House hurrah!

Sunday, 17 July 2005 11:36 pm
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Today has been as good as yesterday! I had a slow start, and woke up feeling very floppy and groggy and generally headachy. I therefore wimped out of meeting The Girls for moose and juffins, and instead spodded online for a while. Criossants and ham brought restored vigour and vitality, and I embarked upon the task Robert had spent the previous day enabling - he spent yesterday moving my bookshelf (my very own lovely bookshelf which has been marooned in the yucky dining room for two years!) into the back room upstairs, into the space vacated by the small bookshelf (which is now in the bedroom on top of a chest of drawers)! He'd cleaned it and everything, and put all the books in boxes for me :) I was very happy indeed when I came in last night.

So I got to organise my books! I have almost two shelves of theology/church history/religious-topics books, which makes me feel like I have a brain, and I have my nice copies of Austen all together, and all my Trollope in one place, and all the plays and poetry together on the bottom shelf. It's lovely and wonderful and I'm very pleased. Some of the spare books are now stacked neatly in a box.

Then later I was even more useful. As Robert had moved the bookcase the dining-room was quite a bit less awful than it had been (he'd also thrown out lots of stuff), and so I could get into it and extract all my fabric which has been lying around getting covered in fluff and hair and dirt and yuck. It's in five boes total now; one box of clean fabric (stuff which was put in there when it was brand new), one box of dirty fabric which can be used for peasant costumes, one box of dirty fabric which cannot be used for peasant costumes, and two buckets of scraps divided on the same principle. It's all neat and out of the way! It's great!

Must eat tasty crispbake, going cold.

Monday, 11 July 2005 06:07 pm
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Yes, yes, Livejournal is famous and on the BBC. Livejournal is also famous and in the Grauniad, but the latter misses the point.

I got work today - one day's phone-answering at the agency who are putting me forward for a marketing job, so that was nice. Should mean something like 30 or 35 quid in the bank next Friday, which will be very handy. I opened a book of my mother's yesterday - one on clothes that I surreptitiously abstracted when I moved back to Reading in the aftermath - and found I had kept some Christmas cards in the front to keep them flat. One of them was from my Nanny and contained forty pounds in cash! That solves the problem of what to buy costume fabric with, then. :) I think tomorrow will be spent going wiiiiiild in Fabricland. (The thing is, I suspect the best-looking thing to make my dress out of will be suiting, as it's woven and smooth but not too thick, and drapes nicely, but it's expeeeeeensive and I need three or four metres of it.)

I have no other news today, as since 10am I have been yelling 'Your name is what? What? Please spell it! What? Yanis? Yana? Jana? Jannis? Juna? What?' down the phone.

I must make stencils, as Heather is coming down on Saturday to paint things. Must do totem roll-call on Kultha-Rangers community.

Notes to self: costume

Tuesday, 5 July 2005 09:22 pm
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Bladelands is set in a specific time-period and location, unlike Shards which is much more go-as-you-please fantasy. So I need to make new costume (I would anyway) which is appropriate to the setting. This means at least semi-authentic medieval European (specifically French). I'm using this post to collect some links to relevant information online.

Links cut to save friends pages. )
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Oh God.

Okay, I have done a lot of sewing. The main body of the dress is DONE - bodice top, with hand-affixed invisible hook and eye fastenings, and a wrap skirt that attaches at waist on one side, shoulder on the other, is fixed in the middle of the back and has a fold sewn in to make it hang properly. So far, so good. Just the buttons and loops at the attachment points required to make it a wearable summer dress.

Sleeves, however - Not Happening. Oh so not happening. I began one, and it nearly worked, but without a pattern I cannot get the head of the sleeve (the top curve) to fit right at the armhole. Even with three pieces of under-arm gusset it's not working right, and I can't face fighting it for another hour only to have it rip apart sometime tomorrow night when I try stretching, or hitting something. I am going to do a little online hunting to see what instructions or advice I can come up with, but I have a feeling it's just not going to work out. Perhaps if I measure the armhole and mess around with the remainder of the fabric...

As for the leggings - don't make me laugh. I might produce a skinnier pair of wrap pants to wear under this, but I doubt it will happen.

But the dress itself looks really good, just how I wanted it :) I could just wear it and be cold...
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I have finally got started on the dress I would like to make for Shards. I am basing it on the Elizabethan Corset Pattern Generator bodice alteration, as I have used it before and know I can get a decently-fitted bodice out of it. Then I want to attach a wrapped skirt. Imagine, if you will, that you attach a big piece of fabric, at around one-third of the way along its length, to the back of your bodice, at your waist. The shape of the fabric is not important, it will be whatever drapes right - for now, a big thin rectangle. I want to attach the top corner of the short side to my waist on the far side, like a normal wrap skirt. But the long side, instead of wrapping round my waist the other way, I want to pull up the front of my body and attach at the opposite shoulder (with a button and loop).

This looks great in my head and when I doodle it on paper, but in practice it is not draping correctly. The swathe up my front, if it fits correctly at the side of my waist, is too tight over my breasts and looks odd. If I loosen it it gaps at the waist. I may have to make a tuck in the drape, which was not really the idea.

The costume is 'tribal fantasy' and is intended as a special occasion dress, which in practice will need to be easy to move in and quite warm. I will probably make detachable sleeves for the bodice so it will work in winter and summer, and a pair of leggings.

This is a rough attempt at a representation of what I'm after. The heavy black outline is the front drape - the green dashes indicate the location of the underneath drape at the waist.

Does anyone have any thoughts, comments, ideas, tips, or any clue what I'm even on about?
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Have just finished yummy pasta. Have more pasta ready to be tomorrow's lunch, which is Good. Have been preparing for Peter Pan play-reading this weekend, am playing flute in it. Have found midi of the only tune i haven't music for, but am unable to make it stick in head and might have to write it down, chiz.

Must decide on costume. Lost Boy would be easiest but I have too much GIRL BODY to be very convincing. Mrs Darling (my main part) would be nice, but is not really very possible. The play was first performed in 1908, so the evening dress she wears would be something like this *sigh*. I could throw something odd together out of assorted clothes, fabric and pins, if black velvet and long sleeves were acceptable, but they ain't. (Yes, I am a bit of a perfectionist, and would rather not wear something if I can't get it at least half-right.)

So, given my GIRL BITS I rather ought to be a female character, but that leaves me with Wendy (no nightie), the Indian heroine (someone else is being her and I'm not playing her anyway) and Tinkerbell (someone else's part, and anyway no WINGS and no time to make 'em.) So I might be left with being a lost boy or pirate despite my girlishness, or perhaps Nana if I buy a rug.

Then again, the site I referenced above has some patterns. I could conceivably make a period-ish skirt and find something for the top half... But I'd have to curl my hair...

I guess I'll go and look at my fabric stash and keep thinking. Ideas welcome.
(oh yes - see my nre LJ pic too!)


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