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Thursday, 8 March 2007 04:57 pm
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I didn't go to Typography practical this morning as they are are at a late stage in a project I have hardly started, and I felt odd about it. But I *did* go to see the tutor afterwards, to confirm what work I have missed and a plan for catching up, and that was very positive. Then I went to see one of my English tutors, and had a fantastic meeting with him checking through this term's work; I managed to accidentally enthuse about his specialism (his thing is Victorian sensation novels, which I absolutely adore and read lots of) which was great. He told me his seminar this afternoon was on A Clockwork Orange which is the one set text I don't own, so I went off to the library, found it and read it (all of it!) before the class at 3. And then I came home, via the shops, as my father has (under protest) given me more money. I am eating food with, like, vitamins in, and drinking fruit juice. It's very good.

TOMORROW is a deadline for a Linguistics project, and for that I need YOUR HELP. I need to analyse a multi-modal text - ie. something with a message in mediums other than just text/speech. I have some fallbacks if I can't find anything suitable, but I would like your suggestions for a television-type advert which is available online. Preferably something a bit interesting/memorable - like, you know that ad with the dancing car? That's the one they describe in the seminar notes, so something equally memorable would be cool. Got any suggestions?

Wednesday, 7 March 2007 03:28 pm
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One of the references I've looked at for my essay on Aemilia Lanyer's 'The Description of Cooke-ham' suggests that is is using a classical genre, the 'farewell to a place'. This gives me no clue what the formal Latin term for such a genre might be, and I can't find it online. Anyone know?

(It's a poem looking back and bidding farewell to a place with nostalgia, if that helps.)

ETA Turns out that the first of Virgil's Eclogues may have been the intended reference, but that's not really useful - eclogues are mostly just pastoral, not specifically nostalgic, even though that one does have nostalgic hints. Never mind!

Saturday, 25 February 2006 12:01 am
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Go meeeeeee, essay emailed in eight minutes before the deadline day ends. :) I just couldn't get into it. It's a bloody awkward poem, half so obvious there's nothing to say, and half too ambiguous to explain. But I managed 825 words on it, and I'm DONE.

I should call Robert and find out when he's getting in, and hence whether I should bother to wait up.
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Re. William Meredith's poem 'The Illiterate', is there a technical term for the use of repeated words instead of rhymes? I can't think of it and can't find the right terms with which to hunt for it. I'm writing an analysis of the poem for this evening, so please don't make any other detailed comments on the poem till after, erm, 7.30pm, so I'm not tempted to copy your brilliant ideas - if you do know the term I'm after, though, please let me know ASAP. :)

Update: [ profile] undyingking came up trumps - it's identity rhyme (and a touch of ambiguous rhyme, too) as explained on this page. Ah, I do like it when LJ does my homework... :)


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