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Monday, 19 February 2007 02:05 pm
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I need to play Chinese music at Brownies tonight. I can't get Owl or Tigger to bring a CD player. I can't find either my old mp3 player or old CD player. I may be reduced to carting my proper stereo system over here (I think it might fit in my backpack) unless anyone local can lend me something with speakers on which to play a CD or mp3 by 5pm. Any offers?

(We're going to have a Chinese Dragon parade - I'm breaking my rule about not making things which aren't useful.)

Tuesday, 13 September 2005 01:14 pm
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I am all fired up and enthusiastic about Brownies! I have just emailed the District Commissioner about possibly getting involved with the Senior Section too, so I can do things for me as well as helping with the Brownies. I am researching friendship bracelets and possibilities for Deaf Awareness Week next May. Argh! Absorbing new hobby! Argh! Will eat all my time! Argh! :)

Monday, 12 September 2005 04:52 pm
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I have been productive today! 90% of our books are now on shelves or on the big rack, as opposed to being in heaps on the floor! I have rescued a quantity of my craft/sewing books from the rack shelf that I can't see, and have put them on my own shelves with the other such books. I have made a big box for Robert's Doctor Who books. I have also identified and imported to iTunes a batch of old mix CDs, and an Elton John Best Of double album :)

In an hour I will be off to Brownies, where I am intending to be a volunteer helper. I am nervous. Before then I have to call a job agency, write a couple of postcards, take a painkiller and change my clothes. Wheeeee!


Thursday, 14 July 2005 06:21 pm
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(This is another in my series of Links On A Topic posts: others are Tunnel Books, Medieval Costume, and Songs I like.)

For Shards, I have been talking about making a thing to put latex swords on, off the ground - otherwise they get left standing in corners on their points (very bad) or on the ground getting trodden on. From my Guiding days I remembered making things at camp out of sticks and string, and since I like string very much indeed I decided it would be good to track down information and instructions on such things. Here, therefore, is a handy collection of 'camp gadgets' you can make with rope, sticks, string and so on. Some are more useful and more practical than others. None of them, sadly, is a weapon rack, but it's easy to adapt the principles to such purposes, and I have a couple of ideas to try out.

The activity is called, in Scouting/Guiding, 'Pioneering' (and you can do merit badges in it); the name for a knot tying two or more spars together is a 'lashing'. I have bought a large quantity of very cheap, very rough brown string, which we can use to make things with. Robert and I also have decent rope, and a book on knots which I'll bring.

As many of the pages use the same set of drawings of camp gadgets I will link to the images rather than to lists which may repeat each other. I'm including various things which may seem totally bizarre, but the principles on which they are constructed may well prove helpful.

Wikipedia overview of pioneering, with some handy links on knots
The three basic pioneering structures
A page with excellent lashing diagrams
Fire Bucket holders
Lantern tripod
Tool rack
Bowl stand, clothes line, filter bin, and more
Washbasin stand
Ladders, and a travois to be used as a stretcher
Really sensible things to do with bin-bags
Catapult! (There *must* be a use for this at Shards!)
Knots and lashings
Lots of PDFs on knots, whipping, and pioneering topics


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