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I want to make a draught excluder for my front door. I could just make a sausage thing, but it would get in the way when the door was opened. I need something I can actually attach to the door itself. Anyone got any ideas how I could do this?
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Come on, thesps, help me out!

First, I need ideas for a) energetic warm-ups, b) getting-into-character warm-ups, and c) voice warm-ups. The first two must be suitable for hearing-impaired performers, so nothing which involves someone talking while players are not looking at them will work (e.g. games where you run around and someone calls a command are not possible).

Second, I need advice on theatre music/performing rights. The play on which I am working needs some music. The PRS website has a whole thing about telling them stuff 30 days before the performance so they can clear rights, but this then seems to refer only to interpolated music (which is when the performers actually produce the music on stage). We just want to use recorded music. Will the venue have a licence which covers this already, or am I dim and we need to talk to the PRS anyway? (My director may know this stuff already, please don't judge her by my incompetence - I just haven't had time to talk this bit through with her.)

A further, related question, which geeks may be able to help me with - if a piece of music is Creative-Commons-licensed, can it be played from a recording for a theatre performance? (Of course the commercial vs. non-commercial thing is relevant, and I would tbh just contact the composer/performer and check what they thought of our enterprise.) Does a reproduction like that come under general CC usage? I know this is stupid but I want to check.


Monday, 4 February 2008 11:23 pm
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Hey, Shakespeare buffs - tell me about Hamlet! Specifically, I have a seminar Wednesday morning focussing on soliloquies and other especially notable bits (everyone should read, I quote, "the soliloquy at the end of Act 2.2 'O what a rogue and peasant slave am I' and also the famous grave diggers scene, 5.1"). We did Hamlet two Bardcamps ago so I have a basic idea of it but VERY LITTLE MORE and I know you people have Big Thoughts on the subject.

If nothing else, tell me - what do you think is the coolest/most interesting thing about this play? A section/speech/scene, a theme, an idea or critical theory, anything. I will do some secondary reading but not much in time.

More phone trivia

Monday, 16 July 2007 02:19 pm
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I am looking into changing my phone tariff as I am on an extortionate legacy PAYG plan which is costing me enormous amounts of money. But looking at the tariffs offered by O2, Orange, Vodafone etc., they *all* seem to be completely extortionate. Orange charges 35p/minute to non-Orange mobiles. O2 charges 20p to any UK mobile. And that's on top of paying them £20/month or more for some piddly free minutes. It's crazy, and it's making me want to give up on having a phone at all because I don't know how I can afford this. I have no idea how to compare these deals properly, and it's all hideously over-priced and stressful. How do people manage this stuff? How do I know what is good?

A Long Shot

Monday, 19 February 2007 02:05 pm
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I need to play Chinese music at Brownies tonight. I can't get Owl or Tigger to bring a CD player. I can't find either my old mp3 player or old CD player. I may be reduced to carting my proper stereo system over here (I think it might fit in my backpack) unless anyone local can lend me something with speakers on which to play a CD or mp3 by 5pm. Any offers?

(We're going to have a Chinese Dragon parade - I'm breaking my rule about not making things which aren't useful.)
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My computer is now less reliable than my timekeeping, which is saying something. It's a major source of stress and awkwardness. I really really need to assemble some sort of BETTER computer, which does not BSOD every few minutes or go phut if you nudge the power cable. It does not have to be a super-duper fancy machine - it needs to browse the web, run some sort of word processing program, and be able to cope with my camera, printer and scanner. A laptop is better but a desktop would be just fine.

I am on Reading Freecycle, but the group does not accept wanted ads for large electrical items like laptops/PCs, so I cannot just go 'laptop plz kthxbai'. I have responded to an ad for the bare bones of a PC tower - it has no hard drive and minimal RAM, but other bits (eg. graphics card, case etc) are there. I may or may not get it. Anyway it's in Earley so I'll have to get a taxi or a lift from someone to pick it up.

So this is a plea: if you have any computers or bits of computer that you think I could use to Build Something Better, please consider donating them to the cause. I offer hugs, biscuits, company and potential dinner in exchange - and perhaps some money if you have something especially good that you would otherwise sell. Additionally, if you think you have the sk1llz to help me repair my existing laptop, do say.


Monday, 15 January 2007 04:09 pm
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Currently I have no money. Well, I have about twenty-three pounds which has to last me I-don't-know-how-long. That figure is, fortunately, *after* the food-shopping I have just done - I have spent about fourteen pounds on food. Now I want you to suggest what I should do with it!

Read on for my food list! )
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Re. William Meredith's poem 'The Illiterate', is there a technical term for the use of repeated words instead of rhymes? I can't think of it and can't find the right terms with which to hunt for it. I'm writing an analysis of the poem for this evening, so please don't make any other detailed comments on the poem till after, erm, 7.30pm, so I'm not tempted to copy your brilliant ideas - if you do know the term I'm after, though, please let me know ASAP. :)

Update: [livejournal.com profile] undyingking came up trumps - it's identity rhyme (and a touch of ambiguous rhyme, too) as explained on this page. Ah, I do like it when LJ does my homework... :)
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I have finally got started on the dress I would like to make for Shards. I am basing it on the Elizabethan Corset Pattern Generator bodice alteration, as I have used it before and know I can get a decently-fitted bodice out of it. Then I want to attach a wrapped skirt. Imagine, if you will, that you attach a big piece of fabric, at around one-third of the way along its length, to the back of your bodice, at your waist. The shape of the fabric is not important, it will be whatever drapes right - for now, a big thin rectangle. I want to attach the top corner of the short side to my waist on the far side, like a normal wrap skirt. But the long side, instead of wrapping round my waist the other way, I want to pull up the front of my body and attach at the opposite shoulder (with a button and loop).

This looks great in my head and when I doodle it on paper, but in practice it is not draping correctly. The swathe up my front, if it fits correctly at the side of my waist, is too tight over my breasts and looks odd. If I loosen it it gaps at the waist. I may have to make a tuck in the drape, which was not really the idea.

The costume is 'tribal fantasy' and is intended as a special occasion dress, which in practice will need to be easy to move in and quite warm. I will probably make detachable sleeves for the bodice so it will work in winter and summer, and a pair of leggings.

This is a rough attempt at a representation of what I'm after. The heavy black outline is the front drape - the green dashes indicate the location of the underneath drape at the waist.

Does anyone have any thoughts, comments, ideas, tips, or any clue what I'm even on about?

Monday, 1 March 2004 09:23 pm
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I have received, at work, an information pack about and an invitation to join Unison (the public service union).

I know next to nothing about trades unions, how they work, or why I might or might not want to join one. I would like to hear more about them. Please tell me all you know and your opinions on the matter.


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