Saturday, 14 April 2007 05:33 pm
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I wrote this earlier and was so zonked I forgot about it till now.

Aie aiiee aiiieee, I am home. I went to the market. I was next to [ profile] claire_wain and [ profile] sogoth and it was nice to talk to them lots. I bought some of their badges. I sold some things - many of my local friends came and bought stuff and made me happy, and I love them very much. Two people I didn't know bought earrings! The haematite stuff was popular so I will make more. I think I will do it again, and may adjust my display and pricing a little for next time. I was probably very slightly too expensive, but not by much.

I then went over to the abode of Rikk and co, and watched Doctor Who and Any Dream Will Do with Rikk and Heather. Was good. Now have stir-fry. Happy. Have proper commission for some more jewellery, very good. Much yay.

Saturday, 14 April 2007 08:58 am
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About to unplug computer (need extension cord) and set off. Have not printed anything yet - intending to go to Miraj cafe when it opens at 10 and print stuff. If anyone at the Newark St Pad who has a b/w printer sees this before 10.30 and feels like helping, please text/call me. Anyone local - please come along. Everything I'm selling is £10 or less. Rising Sun Arts Centre, 10.30-4.30.

Pricing thoughts

Friday, 13 April 2007 06:10 pm
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I could do this as a poll but it would get way too complicated. I want to check that my ideas of pricing for tomorrow's stall are not crazy, before I spend all night writing price-tags.

So, I'm going to post links to pictures of some things I've made which are kind of representative of my stock, give each a number, and comment on the price I am considering charging. If you are someone who might buy anything like this for yourself or someone else, and you feel like it, you could make a comment noting the number of a picture and whether you think the price is just right, too low, too high, etc. Obviously no necessity to comment on everything. Other comments ("I like/love/hate that." "I think that looks really weird/good/interesting/crappy/amateur/like I could make it myself for way less." "Please explain why you chose that price." "I'd wear this/to a Bad Taste themed party." "I'd buy this as a gift/if I wanted to lose friends.", etc.) are also most welcome.

Since my camera had a close encounter with some champagne a month or so back it has been very unhappy, so the photos are not great. They are mostly for my reference, not advertising, though, so that's ok.
Pictures and descriptions below the cut. )

Business logo redux

Friday, 13 April 2007 06:02 pm
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Because I want to print labels ASAP I have come up with a design; it has no connection to the name of the business other than the Japanese angle, which is not ideal, but it's pretty. Thoughts?
Label 1
Label 1
First attempt at label for hikari arts

Business logo

Friday, 13 April 2007 11:11 am
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I need a logotype for my putative business. The name is 'Hikari Arts', 'hikari' meaning 'light' in Japanese and connecting back to my name in English. I have used 'Arts' rather than 'Beads' or similar in case I want to sell cards or anything else later on. At the moment I'm just selling hand-made beaded jewellery and hair-clips.

I have played about with a few ideas and not come up with anything sensible yet. I want to be able to print, on horizontal-format labels, the business name with some kind of small illustrated detail to make it look nice, ideally connected to the name. It should be in black and white line-drawing, and the name itself should be in some simple cursive typeface.

Does anyone have any ideas? If you have an idea that I use, I'll give you credit on my website and buy you a drink. :)


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