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Thursday, 29 May 2008 09:13 pm
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I am in the process of putting together a mix CD for my nine-year-old pseudo-step-sister. She currently loves High School Musical and so I'd like to find a variety of other cheerful, bouncy, age-appropriate music for her to see if she likes it. I'm going to include the lyrics (because I always used to hate not being sure what was being sung). But I want to avoid songs which have explicit lyrics, obviously, and less obviously, I want to steer clear of lyrics which are *all* about love/relationships. I'm actually including a few songs in other languages - there's 'Dragostea Din Tei' better known as the Numa Numa song (which, ok, is about a relationship!), and a Hisakawa Aya song called 'Onigiri'; in English, I've got 'MmmBop' by Hanson, plus a really fun remix of it, and a fantastic little pop ditty called 'Carry Me Away' by Amy Studt, and various others - but I want your ideas. I want to include really classic, not to mention cheesy, pop and rock numbers where possible - I'm currently debating whether the lyrics to 'Rock Me Amadeus' are across that fine line or not...


Thursday, 7 July 2005 11:49 pm
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So, tomorrow (Friday) is my littlest brother's 18th birthday. I have to be in Wimbledon, sitting at a restaurant table, at 8pm. I'm going to aim to be at my dad's house (Raynes Park) for 6pm, just in case. Where should I be going for updates on transport and realistic advice on the best way to get into town from Reading? At the moment I'm considering (if it's running) the slow train to Waterloo - it'll take over an hour, but I can get off at Clapham Junction and thus go overground all the way. Getting a fast train to Paddington would probably be silly. Advice welcome!

Edited to add: If I go via Clapham and Wimbledon it's South West Trains all the way, and they say they're running a normal service tomorrow. If I have trouble I could, assuming I've left enough time, get someone to collect me by car from Clapham or nearby stations. So, given I'm familiar with the route, I think I'll go for that, unless I work out tomorrow that it will be particularly problematic. Robert will be driving back with me afterwards, as the family have a houseful of relations and friends from overseas, so the return journey is fixed. Thanks for the help and ideas :)


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