Monday, 11 July 2005 06:07 pm
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Yes, yes, Livejournal is famous and on the BBC. Livejournal is also famous and in the Grauniad, but the latter misses the point.

I got work today - one day's phone-answering at the agency who are putting me forward for a marketing job, so that was nice. Should mean something like 30 or 35 quid in the bank next Friday, which will be very handy. I opened a book of my mother's yesterday - one on clothes that I surreptitiously abstracted when I moved back to Reading in the aftermath - and found I had kept some Christmas cards in the front to keep them flat. One of them was from my Nanny and contained forty pounds in cash! That solves the problem of what to buy costume fabric with, then. :) I think tomorrow will be spent going wiiiiiild in Fabricland. (The thing is, I suspect the best-looking thing to make my dress out of will be suiting, as it's woven and smooth but not too thick, and drapes nicely, but it's expeeeeeensive and I need three or four metres of it.)

I have no other news today, as since 10am I have been yelling 'Your name is what? What? Please spell it! What? Yanis? Yana? Jana? Jannis? Juna? What?' down the phone.

I must make stencils, as Heather is coming down on Saturday to paint things. Must do totem roll-call on Kultha-Rangers community.
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Well, as Oxford people know and most other people probably won't, I have a job.

It's fun.


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