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Tuesday, 19 December 2006 01:40 pm
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I'm a bit weirded out by the LJ 'holiday' journal styles. I've gone over to 'Ornate Trees' for the festive period,though who knows how long it will be before it pisses me off and I want my hills back? In any case, they aren't going for Christmas, they have styles for a variety of winter holidays and themes, There are generic winter things - ice-skaters, icebergs, snowmen, etc. There are bauble ornaments. There are some Japanese-styled ones. There are Hanukkah and Kwanzaa candles. There are several stripy layouts and some snowboarders.

But despite the Jewish and Black religious symbols, there's no Christian religious option. I find that quite odd. I guess they didn't go for Diwali, either, or Eid al Adha.
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Okay, so my father and his girlfriend gave me an enormous bag of food when they helped me move. It included the usual stuff - fruit juice, pasta, some sauces, noodles, some fruit - and some things I wouldn't have bought myself, like big matzos crackers and biolive yoghurt. It also included three little pots labelled Organix, out of their packet - plainly leftovers of something. I thought they were yoghurt, and indeed they say 'apple, banana, apricot' on the top in dot-matrix print.

I have just opened one, and it's not yoghurt. I have googled it, and it's actually baby food - fruit puree. Why, why, why on God's green earth have I been given baby puree? I am very confused. Also, it's too banana-y for me. (I like banana, but only very fresh ones in their skins, not processed banana of any sort. Baked banana with chocolate is just barely acceptable.)


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