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I want to make a draught excluder for my front door. I could just make a sausage thing, but it would get in the way when the door was opened. I need something I can actually attach to the door itself. Anyone got any ideas how I could do this?
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Red necklace, on me! Red necklace
I started making this quite a while ago and it's been lying on my bead board unfinished. I took a break from D H Lawrence this afternoon and finished it. It's a mixture of glass and reused metal beads on waxed linen cord, with a button and loop closure. Please look at the other photos of it in my 'craft' gallery, I'm really pleased with them. Have pity on their technical merits, though - they were taken either with the MacBook's webcam or with my camera with its champagne-damaged sensor and consequent blurry bits...

A closer view
Here's a closer, clearer view of the central beads.

Button bead
This is the bead which acts as a button to close the necklace at the back.


Tuesday, 16 October 2007 03:04 pm
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A while back Eve found an article about haramaki. This is a type of old-fashioned underwear worn in Japan - the name means 'belly warmer'. They have been languishing in obscurity because they have the same coolness factor as granny pants do here - but now they are experiencing a renaissance, and are being made in funky patterns and colours. They look quite fun - people are shown wearing them over jeans, like a little mini-skirt but higher, or under long tops, like another layer. I could see myself wearing one.

Here is the original article, and here is a tutorial written by someone else (though I think the result looks a bit skimpier than I'd like).

I have camouflage-pattern stretch fleece. I think I know what I'm doing with it.

Monday, 15 August 2005 09:05 pm
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*splat* I have got going on a stag mask for Barry to wear at Shards (probably for no more than twenty minutes, but then we all already know I'm insane). I am concerned that it is going to be totally the wrong shape as it currently looks more like a pig in profile than anything remotely deer-like. I will ask Robert when he comes in from band practice. I have only done one round of pasting (it's drying) so I can always rip it up and start again. The base shape is a heart-shaped balloon not fully inflated, with a small plastic box and a smaller round cardboard box stuck on the front, all covered in clingfilm.

Bah, anyway, I have also written some final verses for the Everybody Song (I have taken to calling it that because Robert thought the previous working title, 'On Top Of Old Dannika' was too rude). I have done Josiah and Kiona, so that's the full roster as far as I'm aware, and a verse or three to finish up. I'm not posting them yet because I want Heather's opinion first - I have several options for each person and I need to work out which makes most sense.

I am really tired. I think I've actually been doing quite a lot today, despite most of it involving sitting on the sofa with a laptop. I wonder what I can do in the hour I have before bedtime? I could make more food, I suppose. Can I be bothered to have a stir-fry, or shall I have more delicious ham sandwiches with pesto instead of butter? The latter, I think. I could do some laundry, too. What an exciting life I lead!

Weekend update

Sunday, 17 July 2005 11:45 am
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Yesterday was good! [livejournal.com profile] purpleheather and I went over to [livejournal.com profile] aardnebby's mother's house, to use her conservatory floor to paint things on. We got 2.3 banners and 1 curtain painted, so I have .6 banner and 1 curtain to deal with and Heather's got a coverlet to sew. The banners are faaaaantastic; Heather has photos so hopefully they'll be online sometime soonish (or I'll see if I can take some with Robert's camera!) Heather did a marvellous Balance symbol banner, and we both worked on the designs for the animal totem banner, which I then drew. It actually all looks very good indeed :) Heather and Steve painted their hands and did a healing-hand-and-moons design for one curtain; I stencilled a phoenix on the third banner. I have to complete that, do another one and two moons, and paint 'Kul-Tha Rangers' in the middle.

We were meanwhile fantastically fed by Steve's mum, and then went on to Rikk's housewarming, which was most enjoyable :)

Book arts

Tuesday, 12 July 2005 11:28 am
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I need to make a book for LARP purposes, and while scouting around the net for help I came across various bits of info on different sorts of artists' books (books as art rather than text/only text). I got particularly interested in 'tunnel books', as I had some when I was little that I loved (but can't remember what they were now). I will probably try making one using Chinese papercut techniques. Links for my reference below:

The Owl And The Pussycat
Set of children's tunnel books
Miniature tunnel books (and others)
View of a tunnel book showing construction
Tunnel Map
Useful illustrated article on tunnel books


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