Prospero's Tempest

Wednesday, 1 October 2008 06:13 pm
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I'm in a play. It's really quite good. It's happening on Thursday 9th October (yes, a week tomorrow), at the Arlington Arts Centre in Newbury from 7.30pm. It's called Prospero's Tempest and if you like Shakespeare, sign language, experimental theatre, physical theatre, [ profile] randomchris's music, or me in a nightdress, you should come along.

This is the only performance scheduled at present - if it goes well it will tour over Easter. It's pretty unique, and very much worth watching. Tickets are inexpensive - £6 full price, £5 concession. There is a Facebook event shared on my profile if you want to look at the info there. Please join us, it'll be great. If you're planning to come, please tell me - it would make me very happy :)
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Come on, thesps, help me out!

First, I need ideas for a) energetic warm-ups, b) getting-into-character warm-ups, and c) voice warm-ups. The first two must be suitable for hearing-impaired performers, so nothing which involves someone talking while players are not looking at them will work (e.g. games where you run around and someone calls a command are not possible).

Second, I need advice on theatre music/performing rights. The play on which I am working needs some music. The PRS website has a whole thing about telling them stuff 30 days before the performance so they can clear rights, but this then seems to refer only to interpolated music (which is when the performers actually produce the music on stage). We just want to use recorded music. Will the venue have a licence which covers this already, or am I dim and we need to talk to the PRS anyway? (My director may know this stuff already, please don't judge her by my incompetence - I just haven't had time to talk this bit through with her.)

A further, related question, which geeks may be able to help me with - if a piece of music is Creative-Commons-licensed, can it be played from a recording for a theatre performance? (Of course the commercial vs. non-commercial thing is relevant, and I would tbh just contact the composer/performer and check what they thought of our enterprise.) Does a reproduction like that come under general CC usage? I know this is stupid but I want to check.


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