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I am Quite Pissed Off.

I signed up for eMusic on a whim last night, knowing that Eve had used the site before and that they had some of the sleep/relaxation music I wanted. They claim to support Linux, and I knew that when Eve was first using the site she had been able to download MP3s without using any special software.


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Great music for kids?

Thursday, 29 May 2008 09:13 pm
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I am in the process of putting together a mix CD for my nine-year-old pseudo-step-sister. She currently loves High School Musical and so I'd like to find a variety of other cheerful, bouncy, age-appropriate music for her to see if she likes it. I'm going to include the lyrics (because I always used to hate not being sure what was being sung). But I want to avoid songs which have explicit lyrics, obviously, and less obviously, I want to steer clear of lyrics which are *all* about love/relationships. I'm actually including a few songs in other languages - there's 'Dragostea Din Tei' better known as the Numa Numa song (which, ok, is about a relationship!), and a Hisakawa Aya song called 'Onigiri'; in English, I've got 'MmmBop' by Hanson, plus a really fun remix of it, and a fantastic little pop ditty called 'Carry Me Away' by Amy Studt, and various others - but I want your ideas. I want to include really classic, not to mention cheesy, pop and rock numbers where possible - I'm currently debating whether the lyrics to 'Rock Me Amadeus' are across that fine line or not...


Thursday, 11 January 2007 06:08 pm
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Oh yes, and, MP3 players.

I really want to get myself an MP3 player. I used to have a 20Gb iPod, which I loved very much, until I threw it on a train station platform and it broke. I was going to same up for a new 30Gb iPod, but my beloveds have reminded me that actually other MP3 players exist and might be a better deal.


I want something which will fit enough music for a 5-hour train journey at least. My full music collection (when Robert has the time to copy me our joint stash) will be well over the capacity of most players, so I can't ask to fit all my music on a thing. But I want lots to choose from.

Something that does playlists in the manner of the iPod would be nice. I want to be able to play sleepy-music or bouncy-music or none-of-the-Beatles or whatever.

I don't care about that whole video thing.

It must be able to cope with the kind of files iTunes uses (AAC?) as that's much of what I have.

Ideally it would work with iTunes, or with some other non-evil software that will not be lots of hassle to transfer to and which has similar features.

I don't use the iTunes Store, so that particular DRM issue isn't relevant.

So, what do you suggest? I am not spending over £200 on this at all, ever; suggestions in the under £100 category and the under £200 category would be good, though I recognise the former may have trouble with the first criterion.

Talk to me!
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Woohoo! The Steeleye Span song 'Who Told The Butcher' (second song down) has been confusing me ever since going to see them live in the summer. But some judicious Googling has finally told me what it's about, and I'm very amused :)

Friday, 24 February 2006 06:39 pm
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GAH! I have a hippycrap CD (also known as 'relaxation music') on to stop me faffing too much while working on my critical analysis - and it's a RAINFALL one, and it's making me NEED A WEE. That's no bloody good, is it?
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A list of links to lyrics which I will probably add to my songbook in the near future. Do ask me if you would like to learn one of these. Some of the websites to which I link make audio files of the tunes available, or images of the score/melody.

Westering Home
Raglan Road
All Around My Hat
All Around My Hat again, with more verses
Mairi's Wedding
À la claire fontaine
Sally Gardens
Homeward Bound
Fields of Athenry
She Moved Through The Fair
All My Loving
Chastity Belt
What Shall We Do When We Leave The Navy?
I'll Tell My Ma
Lady Gay (I need to check other versions of this.)
Minstrel Boy (with the third verse)
Twa Corbies
Come Landlord Fill (and another, and another.)
Cuckoo's Nest
I Wonder What Is Keeping My True Love Tonight (Green Grass It Grows Bonny)
Mantle Of Green (and an older version, and another.)
Scarborough Fair (fairly comprehensive version)
The Orphans' Wedding
Likes Likker Better Than Me
Little Green Buttons
The Concealed Maiden
Menstruation (friends-locked)
Don't It Make My Brown Eyes Blue
The Girl wirh April in her Eyes
My Grandfather's Clock
Streets of London
And So It Goes
Shame and Scandal
Days Like These (Janis Ian)

That'll do for now. I'll probably update this with more links as I find versions I want to use.


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