Thursday, 13 January 2005 12:05 am
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No, my silence is not due to post-Histories comedown. I only posted on four days in December - it's been going on a while.

One possible reason which has just occured to me is that maybe I only have two settings at the moment - silent or over-share. I really can't talk about the stuff at the forefront of my mind - it's TMI and a bit Schroedinger's in nature (as in, allowing it to be observed changes its nature)- and the other stuff is either boring or a bit depressing (I haven't a prayer of getting my UCAS app in on time).

I am going to compel myself to update occasionally, and may make lots of private posts to reacclimatise myself to writing. If I commit all the stuff in my head to type but where no-one else can see it, perhaps I will free up my headspace for writing about other things.

So, recent highlights of the Land of Lucy:
* agressive mould, post-Shards, has eaten a pair of my pyjama trousers. Literally - the white parts of the white/red woven tartan pattern have dissolved. It's scary. They were my favourites, too. I am sad.

* The company for which I work are in the process of gaining approval to offer me a fixed-term contract. This will mean improved job security and additional interesting things to do; no word on pay and hours yet. And hey, they like me!

* On that note, I got to impress the Big Boss by calling hotels in French the other day. I just wish I could've remembered the word 'entreprise (business) at the time.

* I am still totally knackered after the Histories.

* Robert's band Very Short Pier played a gig in Reading last night. They were excellent and their new drummer and singer are very good. I had lots of fun being Groupie-In-Chief (in a homemade band t-shirt) and official tea girl.

* I am trying to work out ways to see my friends more often and more regularly. It is hard because so many nice people live far away, and I am so busy!

* I have made assorted semi-resolutions and begun to make some big Plans for the year (mostly about the house) but have not done anything yet. Most of my life is at the too-big-a-problem-to-tackle stage.

* I need to talk to people. That could mean email or phone or LJ or anything, but I need to talk to people. Please reassure me I have a brain. Please ask me something. Have I studied something you're interested in? Have I expressed an opinion you want to challenge me on? Please, I beseech you, post a comment or send me an email.


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