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A list of links to lyrics which I will probably add to my songbook in the near future. Do ask me if you would like to learn one of these. Some of the websites to which I link make audio files of the tunes available, or images of the score/melody.

Westering Home
Raglan Road
All Around My Hat
All Around My Hat again, with more verses
Mairi's Wedding
À la claire fontaine
Sally Gardens
Homeward Bound
Fields of Athenry
She Moved Through The Fair
All My Loving
Chastity Belt
What Shall We Do When We Leave The Navy?
I'll Tell My Ma
Lady Gay (I need to check other versions of this.)
Minstrel Boy (with the third verse)
Twa Corbies
Come Landlord Fill (and another, and another.)
Cuckoo's Nest
I Wonder What Is Keeping My True Love Tonight (Green Grass It Grows Bonny)
Mantle Of Green (and an older version, and another.)
Scarborough Fair (fairly comprehensive version)
The Orphans' Wedding
Likes Likker Better Than Me
Little Green Buttons
The Concealed Maiden
Menstruation (friends-locked)
Don't It Make My Brown Eyes Blue
The Girl wirh April in her Eyes
My Grandfather's Clock
Streets of London
And So It Goes
Shame and Scandal
Days Like These (Janis Ian)

That'll do for now. I'll probably update this with more links as I find versions I want to use.


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