Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Wednesday, 1 April 2009 11:25 am
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I've been watching the live BBC video stream here for a little while. It is driving me slightly batty how so much of the coverage is from the point of view of government, police and business-people and takes very little account of the diversity of protestors and what they are actually there for. A lot of it is "anarchists", "police are worried", "these people are very experienced", "the police don't want them to do this", "no signs of any violence yet", "I'm sure many of these protestors are peaceful" and so on and so forth, and essentially presenting the protests as involving mainly scary, secretive, eeeevil anarchists using uncontrolled new technology instead of being the kind of thing that lots of people I know, normal, fairly middle-class people, are in sympathy with and some of whom are out there. Of course there are crazy people (I've just seen a sign saying "7-7 MI5 DID IT") but there are sensible and legitimate reasons to protest too and they are not being covered.

If I wasn't doing my last school volunteer day today I'd probably be out there. I'm really unimpressed with the way the BBC seems to be whipping up a climate of fear around these protests and representing the protestors as scary and other.


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